Monday, 10 April 2017
Colin Stuart:  13 Journeys Through  Space and Time

Many of us look forward to the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on TV, and some of us may even have attended them when we were at school. Astronomy author Colin Stuart has been fascinated by these lectures and has recently written a book with the Royal Institution called 13 Journeys Through Space and Time, specifically about those lectures that deal with space.    

    It charts our changing understanding of the cosmos from the first lecture featured (1881) to Kevin Fong’s 2015 lectures when he linked up with Tim Peake aboard the ISS. The lectures show how our ideas about everything from sunspots to dark matter have evolved over more than a century. While researching the book, Colin uncovered some  interesting and unusual artefacts in the RI archives including Carl Sagan’s immigration form, a towel sent into space and Dewar’s radioactive notebooks.

    The meeting is on Monday, 10 April at Christ Church, Redford Way, Uxbridge and starts as usual at 8 pm.

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10 April Colin Stuart:  13 Journeys Through Space and Time

8 May David Fishwick: Seven Stars

12 June: Annual General Meeting plus Jack Martin, Practical Stellar Spectroscopy

10 July TBA


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