Monday, 8 May 2017
David Fishwick: Seven Stars

The stars are so distant that they all appear to us just as points of light, even through large telescopes. Only the very largest, such as Betelgeuse, show any sort of a disc, even using the Hubble Space Telescope. Artists do their best, but even then the interest usually arises from features on the surfaces of the imagined planets surrounding them. Of course, we do know a lot about individual stars, but they tend to be represented in books just as facts and figures – mass, diameter, luminosity and so on. What’s missing is the reality of what it would be like to view the star as a real object, as if you were on one of its assumed planets.

  Our February speaker is David Fishwick of Ewell Astronomical Society, who has been thinking about what it would be like to unplug our own Sun and replace it by one of those tiny points of light that glimmer in the night sky. You may remember that last year we had a talk on Seven Moons from Bob Mizon, which looked at some of the interesting moons of our own Solar System. So this talk goes one stage further!

  The meeting is on Monday, 8 May, at the St John Ambulance Hall, North Harrow, starting at 8 pm.

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12 June: Annual General Meeting plus Jack Martin, Practical Stellar Spectroscopy

10 July Special 50th Anniversary Meeting at Vyners School:  Dr Michael Foale.


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