Monthly Observing Slot Entries

Monthly Observing Slot Submissions

If you would like to send us an image to show at a forthcoming WOLAS monthly meeting then please email it or send it to our Observations Director whose details are on the Committee page. After the monthly meeting we will post the image on this website in the Members' Recent Observations Gallery and if we really like it then it may eventually end up in the General WOLAS Images gallery.

If you are sending in images it would really help if you meet the following conditions:
– less than 1200 pixels width or height
– jpeg format (or gif format if animated)
– no more than 500kB in size for jpeg and 1MB for animated gif
– please put the object name and your name in the file name
– if you want to add further details for people to see when posted on the website, please emboss them in the image itself

Bob Garner Trophy

Each year WOLAS awards an observing trophy to the member of the society who is deemed to be the most prolific observer and has amassed the greatest number of Wolas observing points.

Points are awarded for entering one or more of your observations or images into the observing slot at a monthly meeting (see above). Please note that the same number of  points are awarded to each entrant  every month regardless of the relative quality  of the submission and the number of observations/images submitted.

The prize for the winner is the Bob Garner Trophy which is a shield usually awarded at our September meeting. The trophy is named after our previous Observations Director for many years who sadly died in 2020.

The  joint winners of the 2022 trophy were Martin Lewis and Kwong Man.


Geoff Smith Trophy

The previous WOLAS observing trophy (pre 2020) was named after Geoff Smith who was a previous secretary of WOLAS and a very keen observer.

Winners of the  Geoff Smith Trophy were:

2018-19 Martin Lewis
2017-18 David Arditti
2016-17  Martin  Lewis
2015-16 David Hepwood
2014-15 Fred Stevenson
2013-14  Fred Stevenson
2012-13 Bob Winter
2011-12 Martin Lewis
2010-11 Martin Lewis
2009-10 David Hepwood
2008-09 David Arditti
2007-08 Martin Lewis
2006-07 David Arditti
2005-06 James Jefferson
2004-05 Derek Baker
2003-04 Ken Meadows
2002-03 Ken Meadows
2001-02 Ken Meadows
2000-01 Tom Scott
1999-00 Ken Meadows
1998-99 Martin Lewis
1997-98 Richard Westwood
1996-97 Colin Kyte
1995-96 Ken Meadows
1994-95 Colin Kyte
1993-94 Richard Westwood
1992-93 John Gillet
1991-92 Stan Armstrong
1990-91 Richard Westwood
1989-90 Richard Westwood
1988-89 Richard Westwood
1987-88 Stan Armstrong
1986-87 Ken Meadows
1985-86 David Frydman
1984-85 John Gregory
1983-84 Alex Treacher
1982-83 Roy Thomas

Below are images of the Geoff Smith Trophy;