Monday 13 May 2024

The day the Sun went out: members' eclipse tales

Members  describe their successful visits to to Mexico and the US to view the total solar eclipse of 8 April. 

The meeting takes place  at the Royal British Legion Harrow Club, starting at 8 pm.

Forthcoming meetings

10 June at Christ Church, Uxbridge. AGM and Howard  Brown-Greaves on solar observing.

8 July at RBL Harrow: To be announced

List of previous meetings

Links are provided to talks now available online.

11-Feb-24 John Davies Secrets of an Urban Astrophotographer
9-Jan-24 A Universe of Infinities Colin Stuart
11 -Dec-23 Dr Ashley King The Winchcombe Meteorite
13-Nov-23 Phil Halpin Aurorae
09-Oct-23 Karen Devoil Frozen: Icy Worlds of the Solar System
11-Sep-23 Prof Clive Ruggles Archaeoastronomy – a brief history
10-Jul-23 Ziri Younsi The Event Horizon Telescope
12-Jun-23 AGM + Sue Latham, Tim Milton Our Australian Adventure
15-May-23 Steve Tonkin Two eyes are better than one
03-Apr -23 Prof Giovanna Tinetti Planets of Our Galaxy
13-Mar-23 Dr Chris Crowe Journey to the Edge of the Universe
13-Feb-23 Mark McIntyre Meteor Observing  –  a guide
09-Jan 23 Helmut Kessler H-alpha etalons and solar observing
12-Dec-22 Members Mars at its closest
14-Nov-22 Mark Radice Winter Star Party
 10-Oct-22  Grant Bowskill  New Astro Products
12-Sep-22 Simon Kidd Asteroid Occultations
11-Jul-22 Prof Andrew Norton Gamma-ray bursters
13-Jun-22 AGM + Willian Herschel's Telescopes Robin Scagell
9-May-22 Telescope Teach-in WOLAS members
11-Apr-22 Mary McIntyre Reflection, refraction and excitation: atmospheric optics
14-Mar-22 Jerry Stone Measuring the Universe
14-Feb-22 Emily Charles The Local Group and Dwarf Galaxies
10-Jan-22 Andrew Lound Fire in the sky
13-Dec-21 Colin Stuart Time in Einstein's Universe
8-Nov-21 Szabi Nagy  Photographing the ISS from London
11-Oct-21 Martin Lewis, Stewart Coulter Venus Then and Now
13 Sep-21 David Arditti The History of the Telescope
12-Jul-21 Tom Scott Galaxy Clusters
14 -Jun-21 Online: Bob Mizon The Night – an Unoccupied Country
10-May-21 Online: Melissa Thorpe Cornwall's Spaceport
12-Apr-21 Online: Pete Williamson Remote Observing
08-Mar-21 Online: Dr Hugh Deighton Designing ESA's launch system
08-Feb-21 Online: Dr Olivia Keenan The Missing Galaxy Mystery
11-Jan-21 Online: Jay Tate The Science of Armageddon
14 Dec-20  Online: Dr Simon Steel  The SETI Institute and the Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe
09-Nov-20 Online: Dr Laura Nuttall Detecting  gravitational waves with LIGO and Virgo
12-Oct-20 Online: Dr Megan Argo In the Blink of a Cosmic Eye: Predictions for the next 200 years
14-Sep-20 Online:   Members' observations
  Live meetings suspended as a result of COVID 19  
09-Mar-20 Robin Scagell How Tycho changed the Universe
10-Feb-20 Ian Morison Proving Einstein Right
13-Jan-20 Rachael Livermore Gravitational lensing
09-Dec-19 Colin Stuart Rebel Star; The Greatest Mysteries of the Sun
11-Nov-19 Prof Richard Nelson Exoplanets
14-Oct-19 Nick James Comets
09-Sep-19 Stewart Coulter Apollo @ 50
08-Jul-19 Owen Brazell Planetary Nebulae
10-Jun-19 AGM and Members  
13-May-19 Prof Martin Hardcastle Black Holes
08-Apr-19 Steve Tonkin Ten Ways the Universe Tries to Kill You
11-Mar-19 Robin Scagell The Story of the Nebulae
11-Feb-19 Dave Eagle New Horizons: Pluto and Ultima Thule
14-Jan-19 David Arditti Observing the Moon
10-Dec-18 Colin Stuart How we'll get to Mars
12-Nov-18 Dr Guido Roberts-Borsani Galaxy Formation
08-Oct-18* Andrew Lound Sputnik
10-Sep-18 Colin Forsyth Space weather
09-Jul-18 Prof James Hough What astronomy can tell us about the origins of life on Earth
11-Jun-18 Duncan, Martin 2017 eclipse, Llanerchindda review
14-May-18 Dr Dirk Froebrich The HOYS-CAPS Citizen Science Project
09-Apr-18 Prof Paul Murdin Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World
12-Mar-18 Prof Alec Boksenberg What did Dark Matter ever do for us?
12-Feb-18 Rallia Velliou Humans in Space
08-Jan-18 Ray Doran Reaction Engines
11-Dec-17 John Zarnecki Cassini
13-Nov-17 Jerry Stone The next 50 Years in Space
09-Oct-17 Andrew Lound Herschel's Lunatick Friends
11-Sep-17 Members History of WOLAS plus Great Eclipse Roundup
10-Jul-17 Michael Foale The Amazing Space Adventures of Michael Foale
12-Jun-17 Robin Scagell AGM plus Ancient Stars
08-May-17 David Fishwick Seven Stars
Apr-17 Colin Stuart 13 Journeys Through Space and Time
13-Mar-17 Dr Tom Kitching, MSSL Cosmology, Dark Matter and Dark Energy
13-Feb-17 Greg Smye-Rumsby The History of Longitude at Greenwich
09-Jan-17 Members Winter Constellations and Lucky Imaging
12-Dec-16 Jo Eberhardt Exoplanet atmospheres
14-Nov-16 David Arditti Astrophotography from the City
10-Oct-16 Libby Jackson Controlling ISS
12-Sep-16 Dr Melanie Windridge Aurora -- the search for the Northern Lights
11-Jul-16 Guy Hurst Optical Transients
13-Jun-16 Members Eclipse roundup
09-May-16 Bob Mizon Seven moons
11-Apr-16 Dr Geraint Jones JUICE to Jupiter
14-Mar-16 Prof. Simon Green Flying with a Comet
08-Feb-16 Prof Steve Miller The Impact of Impacts
11-Jan-16 Dr Morgan Fraser Gaia
14-Dec-15 Becky Smethurst Galaxies and the Galaxy Zoo
09-Nov-15 Dr Ian Crawford The Origin of the Moon
12-Oct-15 Robin Scagell The Universe according to Hubble
14-Sep-15 Michelle Lochner SKA
13-Jul-15 Mona Evans Caroline Herschel
08-Jun-15 Robin Scagell Combating Light Pollution
11-May-15 Jerry Stone Pluto
13-Apr-15 Dr Benjamin Joachimi Big Telescopes
09-Mar-15 Members' Own  
09-Feb-15 David Rothery Mercury: new views of the Sun's innermost planet
12-Jan-15 Ian Ridpath Eclipses
08-Dec-14 Greg Smye-rumsby 12756
10-Nov-14 Martin Lewis Imaging the ISS
13-Oct-14 Francisco Diego Unweaving Star Rainbows
08-Sep-14 Steve Fossey Our local supernova
14-Jul-14 Jon Butterworth Smashing Physics: News from the Energy Barrier
09-Jun-14 Sally Russell An Introduction to Astronomical Sketching
12-May-14 Stewart Coulter The Uganda eclipse
07-Apr-14 Paul Hyde Practical Radio Astronomy for Amateurs
10-Mar-14 Graham Marett Calendars
10-Feb-14 Rob McNaught Great Comets
13-Jan-14 David Arditti Planetary imaging (replaced Stewart Coulter due to accident)
09-Dec-13 Lucie Green Solar Max
11-Nov-13   Meeting cancelled as hall locked
14-Oct-13 How Do They Do It? (Deep-sky imaging) Robin Scagell, David Hepwood, Bob Garner
09-Sep-13 Andrew Norton The New Cosmology or How the Universe Works
08-Jul-13 Rupert Smith Telescopes
10-Jun-13 Members AGM
13-May-13 David Arditti Trip to Australia
08-Apr-13 Alistair Scott The British Interplanetary Society and the UK Space Industry
11-Mar-13 Mandy Bailey What's that Bubble we're in?
11-Feb-13 Prof Jonathan Tennyson Water in the Universe
14-Jan-13 Dr Joe Michalski Exploring Mars From 200 Million Miles Away
10-Dec-12 Leigh Fletcher The Atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn
12-Nov-12 Robin Scagell It's About Time
08-Oct-12 Louise Alexander The Legacy of Apollo
10-Sep-12 Prof David Southwood 10 Years on the Final Frontier
09-Jul-12 Susan Rowe Voyager: Humanity's Greatest Journey
11-Jun-12 AGM and Martin Lewis Planetary Imaging with a Dobsonian
14-May-12 Transits Stewart Coulter
02-Apr-12 Who Wants to be an Astronomer? Quiz
12-Mar-12 Francisco Diego Aliens, Where Are You?
13-Feb-12 Prof John Zarnecki Landing on a Comet
09-Jan-12 Richard Fleet Night Sky Glows
12-Dec-11 David Arditti A A Common, Pioneer of Astrophotography
14-Nov-11 Suzanne Aigrain Extrasolar planets
10-Oct-11 Nick Hewitt Wolf-Rayet Stars?
12-Sep-11 Graham Bryant Lunar impacts
11-Jul-11 Robin Scagell In Search of the Northern Lights
13-Jun-11   Members' talks incl, James Hilder on Near-horizon objects. Susan Rowe Hampton Court clock
09-May-11 Emily Baldwin An Impact Cratering Tour of the Solar System or the Moons of Mars
11-Apr-11 Jerry Stone 50 years of Man in Space
14-Mar-11 Andrew Lound Solar sailing
14-Feb-11 Robin Scagell Love of Comets
10-Jan-11 Dale Holt Sketching the Deep Sky
13-Dec-10 David Arditti Astronomy from Paris
08-Nov-10 Ian Morison Proving Einstein Right
11-Oct-10 Stewart Moore Galaxies
13-Sep-10 Richard Hook How to make a Hubble image
12-Jul-10 Alan Longstaff Lives of the stars
14-Jun-10 Kaustav Imaging
10-May-10 Allan Chapman Harriot to Hubble -- Telescopes
12-Apr-10 Roberto Soria Black Holes
08-Mar-10 Graham Marrett Galileo
08-Feb-10 Max Alexander Explorers of the Universe
11-Jan-10 David Arditti History of Cosmology
14-Dec-09 Tom Scott Radio astronomy
09-Nov-09 Robin, Martin Intorduction to Deep Sky Observing
12-Oct-09 Prof Carl Murray The View From Saturn: Images from the Cassini Spacecraft
14-Sep-09 Prof. Barrie Jones Pluto
13-Jul-09 Jerry Stone Would you believe we put a man on the Moon?
08-Jun-09 Members Who Wants to be an Astronomer?
11-May-09 Nick Howes Three sides of the Sun
06-Apr-09 Robin Scagell Choosing your telescope
09-Mar-09 Colin Pillinger Space is a Funny Place
09-Feb-09 Members How I got interested in astronomy
12-Jan-09 Bob Mizon Light Pollution FAQs
08-Dec-08   How to discover a comet
10-Nov-08 Andy Burns The Herschel Dynasty
13-Oct-08 Will Gater Hubble -- not just pretty pictures
08-Sep-08 Members Eclipse roundup
14-Jul-08 Ian Ridpath Star Tales
09-Jun-08 David Arditti Astrophotography from the City
12-May-08 Janet Drew Milky Way Survey
14-Apr-08 Mike Dryland Working the Line -- RGO
10-Mar-08 Robin Scagell 20 things you didn't know about astronomy
11-Feb-08 Dr Isobel Hook Next Generation of Large Telescopes
14-Jan-08 Members Miscellany
10-Dec-07 John Naylor Out of the Blue
12-Nov-07 David Arditti Setting-up a Small Observatory
08-Oct-07 Prof. Iwan Williams Our Solar System -- 1967-2007
10-Sep-07 Members 40th Anniversary meeting
09-Jul-07 Helen Walker Seeing the Invisible -- Infrared Astronomy
11-Jun-07 Martin Lewis AGM plus The Eye
14-May-07 Robin Scagell Stargazing with Binoculars
16-Apr-07 Roger O'Brien 40 Years of Cosmology
12-Mar-07 Glen Cowan Antimatter
12-Feb-07 Tony Marsh The Sky is Falling
08-Jan-07 Members Quiz
01-Dec-06 Ian Crawford Interstellar Travel
01-Nov-06 Martin Andrews Extrasolar Planets
01-Oct-06 Lucie Green The Sun
01-Sep-06 Jerry Stone Space Colonies
01-Jul-06 Bob Mizon Time and the Stars
12-Jun-06 Members AGM/Room 101
08-May-06 Nick King Astrophotography from Harrow
01-Apr-06 Members Solar eclipse roundup
01-Mar-06 Konrad Malin-Smith Magellanic Cloiuds
01-Feb-06 Simon Green Stardust Mission
15-Jan-06 Ollie Penrice Getting Away from it All
01-Dec-05 Robin Catchpole Overview of Astronomy
01-Nov-05 John Murray Mars Express
10-Oct-05 Chris Lintott Cosmology for the Terrified
12-Sep-05 Bob Lambourne Time travelling
11-Jul-05 Robin Scagell Eclipse DVD
01-Jun-05 Martin Lewis AGM + Getting the Most from your Telescope
09-May-05 Andrew Coates Cassini Mission
01-Apr-05 Chris Riley The Making of Space Odyssey
01-Mar-05 Greg Smye-Rumsby A Forgotten Telescope
01-Feb-05 Members Astrophotography
01-Jan-05 Jerry Stone Huygens Mission
01-Dec-04 Guy Hurst Star Clusters