Monday, 13 November 2017
The Next 50 Years in Space
As you know, the society is 50 years old this year. We haven’t looked back at the past 50 years at a meeting, though of course there have been numerous great developments including the discovery of pulsars, the measurement of the scale of the Universe and realisation of the existence of dark matter and dark energy. Our Solar System has been explored in some detail, with unexpected revelations about virtually every body. But what lies ahead in the next 50 years? Predicting the future isn't easy – all kinds of people have failed to foresee achievements that we now take for granted. But they have also predicted things that have not taken place – bases on the Moon, humans on Mars, and holidays in space. Even that great visionary Arthur C Clarke made blunders in his novels, such as assuming that the lunar observatories of the 22nd century would still use photographic film, and that a writer on his way to Mars would need a typewriter. 
 At our November meeting, space expert Jerry Stone presents a personal view of what the future may hold for us. Jerry is a frequent visitor to WOLAS, and he also crops up on Sky News and other media commenting on the latest news from space. So in 2067 will we or our descendants be popping over to Australia for the weekend aboard Virgin Galactic, and will there finally be bases on the Moon and Mars? Come and find out on Monday, 13 November at the St John Ambulance Hall, North Harrow, starting at 8 pm.

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