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When the membership secretary has received your application your details will be entered on our members listing and you are then officially a member of WOLAS. As such you are entitled to all the benefits of membership including, attendance at monthly meetings, observing sessions at Piggott’s Farm, and at our observing weekends.

The membership secretary will pass your details to our general secretary who will then send you a joining pack including a membership card, recent newsletters, and details of the observing site. Please be patient as we are all volunteers who have families and day jobs. Allow 2-3 weeks for your joining pack to arrive, though we hope that it will be with you sooner.

As a member you are entitled to view special pages on the website and to do this an account needs to be set up for you. You will be sent a mail by the Treasurer after joining to enable you to activate this account. Again this may take a while, but if you urgently need to set up your account then you can contact the Treasurer directly via the WOLAS contacts page.

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Martin Lewis
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