The Amazing Space Adventures of Michael Foale

Monday, 10 July, Vyners School, Ickenham, 7.30 pm

Come and hear British-born astronaut Michael Foale CBE describe his exciting life in space aboard six Shuttle missions and two Space Stations. By the time Michael Foale left the astronaut corps, he was America’s most experienced astronaut. He made a spacewalk to service the Hubble Space Telescope and played a key role in rescuing the Mir space station and crew after the worst collision in the history of spaceflight.  

Also featuring Libby Jackson of the UK Space Agency, former International Space Station ESA Flight Director, as seen on BBC2’s Stargazing Live.

This event is in celebration of the West of London Astronomical Society’s 50th anniversary and is hosted by Vyners School, Warren Road, Ickenham UB10 8AB .  There will be a short interval during the evening at which refreshments will be on sale by the Friends of Vyners. The meeting is due to end at 10.15 pm. 

Doors  open 7.00  pm

Cost Adults £12, under 16s £8

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Tickets will also be available on the door.

How to get there

 Vyners School lies midway between Uxbridge and Hillingdon,  and is accessible from either the Swakeleys or the Hillingdon junctions on the A40.  The nearest tube station is Hillingdon, one mile away, a 20-minute walk.  Click here for  a map of the area.

The U1 bus from Ruislip Station (stop B) to West Ruislip and Uxbridge Stations runs every 15 minutes between 6 and 8 pm, and every 30 minutes from 9 pm until 1 am. The stop you require is Warren Road, and the school is about 400 m down Warren Road. In addition, the U9 bus also runs from Uxbridge Station (stop L) with a 20-minute service but does not run after 9 pm.   Click here for service details of both routes. 


Click here to download an A4 poster about the event  for display at your workplace  (520 kB)